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What I Believe

Principled Conservative

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Fiscal Responsiblity

I believe tax revenues do not belong to the governmental departments - they belong to the citizens of Cache County.  Cache County Government has the responsibility to use these funds as conservatively and wisely as possible.



I believe lower taxes naturally keeps government smaller. Lower taxes creates more incentives for individuals to work, invest, save, and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. Individuals and families know how to spend their money better than the government.

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Private Property

I believe in and respect private property rights. Private property incentivizes the owner to use their property to full possibilities, producing more, and promoting economic growth.

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First Responders

I believe most individuals only look to their government for several things including the general well-being of the community. We need to make sure our first responders have the necessary support to keep themselves and the county secure

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I believe the less government interferes in our lives, the better government is functioning.


Public Lands

I believe individuals that reside in the areas of impact should be directly involved in any decisions made. We all should have a voice in the way public lands are managed in our respective areas

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I believe we need to have a responsible transportation network and infrastructure to accommodate future growth. The state, Logan City, and Cache County need to work together. Without proper cooperation we will box ourselves in with building as is already occurring.

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Economic System

I believe the free-market system produces the most economic growth, more job opportunities, higher wages, and a higher standard of living

What I Believe: Issues
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