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Principled Conservative


Governor Spencer Cox demonstrates what is right in politics.  Utah leads the way with Governor Cox leading Utah.


Councilwoman Gina Worthen is an asset to the county. She serves the County Council with confidence and integrity.


State Senator Chris Wilson is principled in his approach. Cache County is fortunate to have him represent us.


State Representative Casey Snider is an honest and dependable conservative.  He is very approachable and a benefit to the south end of Cache County.


Federal Representative Blake Moore is able to see things from a long-term perspective.  He is an asset in our district.


State Representative Dan Johnson is very eager to learn.  He uses his talents and skills to better represent Cache County.


County Clerk Jess Bradfield is very approachable.  His service first mentality is a benefit to Cache County.


Senator Mitt Romney faces some of the greatest challenges to the United States such as the looming shortfall of Social Security and Medicare funds.  He is also serious about our greatest national security threats including Russia. 

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