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About Ladd Kennington

Principled Conservative

I was born right here in Cache County.  I spent my formative years on a 100-acre farm in Afton, WY. 

An area my ancestors helped settle

with other Mormon pioneers.  On that farm I learned several

very important life lessons:  there are no short cuts in life,

and there is no substitute for honest work.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful family, and realize

they are what matter most in my life.

I am a firm believer in Principled Conservatism.  I have

a core set of values that are unwavering.  I hold to the

idea that being an American involves the embrace of

high ideals.  I stand with the truth that our rights and dignity 

derive from God rather than government. 

I have been fortunate to serve in the Republican Party.  In roles such as Cache GOP District-Chair, Precinct Chair, County Delegate, Campaign Manager, State Central Committee Member, State Delegate, and a Campaign Field Director for Northern Utah. 

I believe in the residents of Providence City.  I believe in their abilities and capacity.  I have been able to see it through my time at USU as I earned a Business degree, during my time working, and my time raising a family.   I love our people and the ideals we hold dear.

 It is my hope and prayer to earn your vote for

Providence City Council 2022. 

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